allright Everybody up!! Standing O for this Pitching staff!!!

wow such a great job of pitching holding a very good TCU offense to 1 run in 2 games!! unbelieveable!! Offense will have to do better next week if we are to beat Ole Miss though they are swinging the bats well so hopefully another week of practice will get Kjerstad back on track and we will really need the bottom of the order to step up b/c all of them are pretty much struggling but We are 2 wins away from Omaha!!

Yes Sir,
So far every pitcher that has stepped on the mound for us in the regionals has pitched awesome.
As you said our bats may need to wake up some or continue with just enough hits at the right times if our pitching continues to stymie opponents.
OM has been a thorn for us this year, so next week will be exciting.

We allowed two earned runs in 27 innings. If my math skills haven’t deserted me that’s 0.67 ERA, with 30 Ks.

it was incredible! the Bullpen pitches the way they did and we are going to be hard to beat,they dominated a very good offensive team in TCU.

It was awesome. Very proud of our pitching staff.

Still need Casey to come out of his funk.

Of all the teams in the tournament, TCU had the two games with the lowest run total, “1”. All others had at least 2 runs in their two lowest scoring games. Both of TCU’s were against our Hogs, of course.

As an aside, TCU was third in their conference in Batting Average, second in Runs Scored, and first in total hits.

Great pitching…along with some timely hitting by the Hogs.

When you are playing in a super regional, you can’t really complain but I will anyway. Hats off to our pitching staff. They are giving us a chance. However, I am not really happy with our hitters. I think they are capable of so much more. If they don’t perform this weekend we may be sitting at home.

Our pitching staff is peaking and looks the part which the Rebels will have to face this week…