Allow me to spell out some things

So that even those with blinders on can understand.

My policy has been to support our coach in any sport until he or she is no longer our coach. Period. Not difficult to understand, and it ain’t going to change. The only exception was in 1997, when it was clear that Danny Ford had no interest in coaching our football team and was mailing it in. Mike Anderson didn’t mail it in. Neither did Bret Bielema, although some people here still refuse to admit it. Frank Broyles, Jeff Long and Hunter Yurachek didn’t/don’t care what I think anyway, so my getting wound up about who the head coach is going to be is wasted energy.

There are arguments to fire Mike Anderson. There are also arguments to keep Mike Anderson. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. I will support that decision regardless.

If Mike is done, I thank him for digging us out of the Heath/Pelphrey hole of off court issues, APR problems and on-court woes. Our combined winning percentage for nine years of Stan/Pel was 53%. Mike is at 62.5%. Not where we want to be, but four wins a year better than we were (his average is exactly 21 wins per year; Stan and Pel averaged about 17). I still think this season is a predictable one-year blip, exacerbated by some really questionable player decisions and the Adidas bag man. But if HY needs to make a change, so be it. He’d better get it right if he does, though.

If Mike survives, the seat is exceptionally warm, no question. As it should be. He’s got to figure out a way to replace Dan and get back into the Dance.

Swine, I’m sure you saw my other thread, but it looks like he’s gone, he wouldn’t change his staff. Also, appears a “Big Time” coach has reached out to HY. I’ve only seen one name as to who it is, but “win at all costs” may have just arrived at AR

If you’re talking about Sampson he hasn’t actually paid players, just got in trouble for calling during dead periods or things like that. It’s still cheating technically, but it’s no Willy Wade type of deal. But yea, I’m not a fan of having a coach with a tainted past. But it is what it is.

I know it’s nice to pretend on this board like none of us likes “win at all costs.” But what we all really like is winning. And if we win then we won’t ask how we win. We will just be proud the Hogs are winning. Simple as that. It is about time someone in Fayetteville prioritizes winning. About time.

Sent you a pm with the name, you’ll understand my comment when you see it

Good post. Agree with most, if not all.

There’s always rumors this time of year, lot more right now than most years. I don’t think a decision had been made prior to yesterday so my thoughts are, there is nobody on our radar right now. If we part ways with Mike we are competing currently with aTm and possibly LSU, that’s just in the SEC. Looks like Avery might be kept at Bama. Pretty sure Drew survives the winless season he just had. So possibly three teams competing in the SEC alone. I’m convinced we have nobody in line right now, if we need to make a replacement.

Up until yesterday i figured Mike was safe for next year. Then my bro started texting me about message board stuff being said. Still not sure what to believe but i believe, at the very least, there are some talks going on.

If we part ways with Mike(There have been times this year where I’ve been just "Ok’ with that idea) where do we go? We have all witnessed our coaching searches in the past and they haven’t bee pretty. Especially the basketball searches. Until we hired Mike, nobody wanted this job. Who’s going to want it now? How well do we really know Hunter? He was the assistant AD at Houston when they hired Sampson but who else has he landed? Will he be in charge? Everything I’ve been told is that he will but this is Arkansas, folks will meddle. It’s more than likely this gets jacked up as opposed to a slam dunk. We simply aren’t going to pay 5mil for a hoops coach, if we do, i’ll be floored.

Wish i could fast forward to a week from now but i’m calm, cool and collected. Feel bad for Mike and at this point, I wish he had stayed at Mizzou. He’s never been anything but classy towards the fans.

We will end up with an up and comer. Not much doubt in my mind.

If it happens and not sure it will, i’d be happy with Richard Pitino. I think his best years are ahead of him.

Thanks for the post.

If we are going to end up with a coach with a history of cutting corners, I’m not okay with that. The reason I’m in favor of liberalizing the NCAA rules on athlete compensation is to reduce the advantage the cheaters currently enjoy. I don’t like the rules as they are currently written, but until they change, you need to follow them.

That’s funny, I was actually just talking to another poster about Richard Pitino, he was fighting for his job this year. He’s had 3 losing seasons out of 6 at Minnesota and has 36% wins in conference during his time there. Looks like he’ll only be punching his 2nd NCAA tournament this year. I highly doubt staff would go after him, you can’t fire a coach like CMA and potentially divide a fan base over a guy that has a losing conference record and struggled more than he’s succeed in his 7 years as a head coach. It would be better perception wise to grab a guy from the mid-major’s that at least has a pretty looking record, you can sell an up and comer like that to a fan base. But, my guess is they’ll go hard after Sampson, Hunter has a connection there, Sampson is obviously a coach that is willing to move around and would want to coach at a bigger school and you can justify firing a coach like CMA for him.

I’m definitely not in the fire Mike camp but i believe Pitino’s best days are ahead. He’s young. We will revisit this in ten years, God willing.

Are you guys hearing anything? It seems there maybe some fire with the smoke. I know y’all want to wait until you have confirmation, but is there any talk making it to you guys?

Just message board rumors. I’ve always heard there was one BOT member and it was Tommy Boyer that wanted Mike gone. That hadn’t changed throughout the season. Now that the season is over everyone is claiming new sources, stating Mike has been told to make staff changes and refused and now he’s gone. As far as the rest of the BOT, they were pretty enamored with the future potential of the team and weren’t wanting to make a move. No idea what to believe right now but that’s the way it always goes. I will be shocked if it really happens and we are looking for a new coach in the next week but I’ve been shocked before. Part of me would probably get excited after the disappointment i feel for Mike because he deserved to be treated better by the fan base IMO but i know how it will end.

We will end up with a Chad Morris type of hire and have to hope that the guy recruits that well and can coach a little bit.

There’s no doubt if Mike stays he’s gonna have to shake things up, whether it’s his approach to recruiting or in game adjustments. He’s stubborn to a fault and it may end up being his downfall.

I’m just sad over the whole deal but there are more important things in life.

Well if assumptions, rumors, guesses turn to fact AR will get a 65 year old up and comer (with some NBA experience as assistant) and graduating up to the SEC. Hunter convieniantly delves from his old neighborhood. Playing it safe, saving money, best he could get, or all of the above?

I don’t think so, Reason I say this, is the rumor mill said this popped off today because a “Big Time” coach reached out to HY. Sampson and Little Richard Pitino aren’t what I consider “Big Time.” Big Rick would be, but would we touch him (and yes that’s who I was referring to earlier). The list of Big Time is not very many, and not really anyone I’ve seen mentioned the last few months that people have said they want falls into that category.

Now yesterday I brought up Mark Few, there are rumors he’s looking around. Now, I haven’t seen anything or heard anything suggesting he is the one that reached out, but that would be what I think of as “Big Time.”

With our luck and the way the SEC has been hiring hoops coaches, we’d end up with Thad Matta.

I could see people considering him “Big Time.” (I don’t, but…)

Jim Calhoun?
Nolan Richardson?
Bobby Cremins?


Heck, let’s go Dean Smith, John Wooden, Phog Allen.

I love the UofA and NWA, it is a great area. But why on earth would Mark Few leave Gonzaga for Arkansas? As near as I can tell, he grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has always coached there. I don’t see where he has any ties to Arkansas or anywhere else in the south. He can basically pick any opening at any school in the country if he wants to move on. And you think he’s going to pick Arkansas?

I’ll say this, if we accept a bid to the NIT on Sunday and Mike is still the coach, i think it’s safe to say that he’s not going anywhere this year.

That is not what I said.

I said Mark Few is what I’d consider Big Time, not Sampson or Richard Pitino. I even said I’ve seen or heard nothing saying he was the guy that reached out.