Alligator Gar/Jimmy Houston

Just watched part of this on TV and thought I would share. I have always really liked Jimmy Houston, and this alligator gar fishing on the Trinity River in Texas, around Huntsville, is really something else. Worth watching the 15 minutes here. He catches one that weighs about 130 pounds, but there are some in there 250, and even above that. They are prehistoric fish. Distraction till Hog football starts in earnest.


Love Jimmy Houston. Follow him on YouTube and FB. As a youngster me & my cousin spent many a day fishing on Indian Bay in East Arkansas. Alligator Gar were common there. After tiring of chasing bass we’d try to snag big Gar. Never got one but loved chasing them.

Garship Enterprise!!! Hahahaha

Good to eat that back strap off of those.

LOL. Your “country” streak is a little wider than mine.

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