Allen Trimble of Jenks

I never have liked the guy but he is in deep need of prayers.

He was diagnosed with ALS this week.

Terrible news for anyone.

Will see him here in Springdale this weekend for the SW Classic Showcase

My dad was diagnosed with ALS last month.

HOGinBA-- I sure hope your not liking coach Trimble is only because of the Jenks/Broken Arrow rivalry and not based on knowing him. I would consider coach Trimble a friend, although not a close friend. I have hunted with him several times and fished in the Gulf a couple times with him and others. My oldest daughter worked for him one Summer in his football camps and she became very close to “Trims” wife and two daughters. I’m only saying these things so what I’m going to say about him has some credibility. I usually tell people that ask about Trim that he is a better person than a football coach and that is obviously saying a lot. I really believe that. He is a very smart and witty person and a great father and Christian. He is very active in his church. Obviously he’s a great role model for his players too. I can’t say enough good things about him. The news of Trim having ALS hit me very hard as well as the entire community. He is such a strong and awesome person I can’t imagine him having the disease.

HAWGZILLA-- I didn’t mean to slight your post about your dad. So sorry to hear that. My mom died 1 1/2 yrs ago of Parkinson’s so I have some perspective of parents dealing with bad diseases. I’m saying a prayer for you and your dad.

My best friend of nearly 40 years, a lifelong diehard Hog fan & former ironman/triathlete, has been battling with this terrible disease for about 18 months. It is a terrible terrible terrible disease, one that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst of enemies. My heart aches for & my best wishes go out to the man from Jenks and the others in this thread that have loved ones/friends/family affected by ALS. Such a sad disease, so sad indeed. :cry: