Allen Texas

I see that Allen,Texas had there 83-or 84 game winning streak broken at home last night. Chad Pad wasn’t in the left lane, hammer down and poping that clutch.

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Opponent just watch the Arkansas tapes when Chad was here! Lol every time I here the name Chad it reminds me of the new tv show Chad which I can’t watch of the stupidity and reminds me of Chad Morris.

The good news for Allen, Chad has 35% of his offense installed… If he thinks the Hog fanbase was rough on him, wait til those Allen moms and dads get through with their scalping.


But his recruiting classes will be good….


Next job will be Assistant Coach at Knoxville, TN middle school with Coach Chavis.

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Gus will join them there too.

Humble Atascocita Eagles 41, Allen Eagles 20

Just for informational purposes.

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I am guessing that Allen fans are questioning whey Chad is living in Highland Park and not north in Allen.


Chad has a 280# q/b

only part time, but Allen is a suburb of Austin no matter how close Dallas actually is… deep, deep orange reverence every where. Lots of D1 P5 talent on the field for the iconic loss

Just some background information. My sister and brother-in-law live in Allen. Sister taught at Allen junior high.:The previous successful head coach at Allen left to move to Houston to care for elderly parents whose health was failing requiring his need to move there otherwise he would have never left. The team that ended the streak is one of the most talented in the state from Houston and is a favorite to win the state championship. Allen lost many starters from last years team and wasn’t viewed as reloading like in the past this year by teams in their conference. In fact this is the first year that Allen is not viewed as the prohibitive favorite to win their conference. You guys can relish in Morris’s loss as head coach all you want to I have no problem with that. The guy was a very successful high school coach before he made the moves to college as a OC, and then a head coach. He wasn’t ready to coach Arkansas in the SEC and he didn’t have enough connections in college coaching to field a SEC quality staff. We also should learn a lesson that a chancellor like Steinmetz and a associate AD like Julie Cromer Peoples should never have been making that hire. Also hiring an AD like Long already had put our program on a downward spiral by poor coaching hires and decisions. Long has now been exposed for the fraud he is and how sorry he is at Kansas. Hiring Morris was just the final poor decision of many made by our leaders in the athletic department at the time. We need to make sure this scenario of decision making doesn’t play out again. I don’t see that happening with Yurachek so far. It took 10 years of poor decision making to put us where we are today and it’s not going to be overcome overnight.

A main reason they hired Chad is because he and Gus were so close.

Gus lovers have been very detrimental to UA Football.

Where is Gus these days?

Head coach at the University of Central Florida. Boise State got off to an early start in his first game but UCF came back and won. I was not impressed by either team.

The fact that Morris is now coaching in high school (let alone presiding over a team loss that hasn’t seen one in years) shows the man’s incompetence and fall from grace. The flip-side, he has made millions for a coaching skillset that should have never been anything more than the high school ranks. Great country we live in.

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