Allen, Kelly set for showdown of SEC's top QBs

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Should be an entertaining game!..looking forward to a beautiful evening on the Hill watching a great game!!!

[color=#0000FF]“The duo rank first (Kelly, 163.18) and second (Allen, 158.07) in the SEC in quarterback rating. Allen’s 1,632 yards rank second, while his 15 touchdown passes are first and his 3:1 touchdown-interception ratio is first among quarterbacks with double-digit touchdown passes. Kelly’s 1,596 yards rank third, he has a solid 13:4 touchdown-interception ratio and his 9.2 yards per attempt lead the conference for players with more than 40 attempts.”[/color]


AA’s 15 to 5 TD/INT ratio is indeed 3 to 1; however, Kelly’s 13/4 ratio is 3.25 to 1 . . . which is a BETTER ratio than Austin’s. For that matter, Mizzou’s Drew Lock has a 3.5 to 1 ratio (14/4).

This is not to say that Austin isn’t performing well; just that his TD/INT ratio is not the best in the SEC. It’s a close battle among the top 3, but AA is currently third (among those with at least 10 TD passes; Bama’s Jalen Hurts is at 4.5 to 1 - 9 TD’s, 2 INT).

That is an embarrassing math miscue haha. Wow. Thanks for the heads up. :shock: :?