Allen just doesn't look the same

As he did before knee injury. Other than the bomb to reed, he has been way off on most throws and well, looks scared. On that note, where is reed. Of course I might be gun shy if I were trying to pass w this line blocking for me.

yeah, I agree.

I mean, our defense is a sieve and our offensive line is getting worked…

But Allen seems either off or gun shy

He has happy feet in the pocket and accuracy is way off. Not the same QB as before the auburn game. Maybe all the sacks and picking himself up off the ground has gotten to him physically and mentally.

Or maybe his knee is jacked up but he’s gutting it out

He is late on throws and his accuracy is way off…

100% agree. I don’t know if it’s mental or physical, but he is not himself since Auburn.

Looks hurt and if he is hurt then he’s not getting practice reps.

His knee certainly might be jacked up but that does not explain his happy feet in the pocket. He has look rattled mentally the last 3 games. I believe our offensive line woes have caused him to lose a large deal of confidence. Add in to the equation a possible bum knee and bad things occur. Just my opinion.

would make more sense if his throwing arm was jacked seems more like he just got rattled/gave up like the rest of the team

I imagine Austin is not getting the number of reps in practice due to his knee to stay sharp. That and he knows he lacks mobility, which with our pass pro surely makes him anxious.

Today was his worst game ever.

Just underscores what I’ve said all along to the “AA is better than BA crowd”…if AA had been forced to play in the situation big bro was, it would have been very similar.

Look for a great senior year. Assuming Ragnow stays…and I think he will…O-line will be greatly improved.

He played like Woody Allen tonight. He was off target and mad poor decisions all night. It would not have mattered…LSU was far superior to us.

No QB would look good behind this Oline.


Kid is beat to hell. Of course he doesn’t look good. Im surprised he isn’t in a wheelchair by now.

Seriously? You do understand that a QB’s base is every bit as important as his arm, right?

just my thinking if they would take him out a few series might be what he need

He is hurt although not how much given lack of information from program and he is feeling effects of porous offensive line. Enos has done good job but we needed to go to faster passes , like the screens against Florida, to compete against LSU. We will have a better go of it against the next two teams but this team will struggle with them too given our run defense issues which keep pressure on offense on scoring and time of possession.

I agree with this as a combination of things that have taken him down a few notches. The Oline has been a nightmare and the delayed blitzes keep killing him because the RB’s are not picking them up. He has taken some free shots that have to hurt. He may have more than a knee injury.

LSU had the benefit of film and one of the few teams with speed in the secondary to blow up the screens. Misstake and Mizzery will not be able to blow up the screens like LSU.

Auburn, Florida and LSU played very good man-to-man on the outside receivers. LSU’s coverage was the best I’ve seen, better than Alabama. I am not sure if Austin’s right leg is as strong and that might hurt his ability to push off. But I think the coverage got better. He’s said they’ve seen nothing but good “disruptive” man of late from the better defensive secondaries. Alabama, Auburn, Florida and LSU all have very good cornerback play. He looked like a guy having trouble finding someone open against LSU. I didn’t see open guys, either.

Clay, kind of agree/disagree. Earlier in the season I made the comment that he was off, and we would end up playing better DB’s as the year went on that could exploit it. I think he is hurt and you’re seeing the better DB’s. He’s hesitant to throw before the break, he seems to want to see the break before he throws, he has to throw quicker and trust his receivers to get there. I hate to compare him to Manning, but I sat in the end zone and watched Manning against the Chiefs a few years back, Manning would throw the ball to a spot, no one would be in 10-15 yards of where he was looking. By the time the ball got there, his WR would get there. AA is doing the opposite, he is waiting for his player to get there before throwing. The LSU’s DB’s can make him pay for that.