Allen has had time

Receivers can’t get open. Not impressed with playcalling. Need a stop here

Horrible first half.

Enos and his play calling has been about the worst I’ve ever seen.

It’s not the play calling. It’s that the receivers are getting no separation. I expect to see more misdirection in the second half to use the TCU speed against them.

Not the plays so far.

It’s the players not executing them, especially the WRs not getting separation

I tend to have a different opinion I guess.

I don’t like the jet sweeps, when we’ve established 0 offense in any way. Need to establish the line of scrimmage at some point in the game, but we can’t block these 240 guys, this averaging 2.5 yards per carry. WRs, aren’t having a good game I agree, but neither is Allen, he hasn’t been in the money like we have seen him do before.

One thing for certain is that we either have no field goal kicker or we have a coach that has way too much confidence in one he thinks can make them.