Allen Flanigan to Auburn

Allen kind of blew up in the summer circuit.

Not sure how many scholarships Bruce Pearl needs to fill for 2019, but Auburn has also offered Issac McBride. I am a bit surprised Pearl has not filled his roster already with high profile national recruits and is having to offer scholarships to late bloomers in the summer circuit. Maybe investigation is making an impact.

Bruce has also offered all the Arkansas 2020 kids that Hogs have offered. We could see the old Ole Miss type of roster st Auburn with Arkansas kids.

Pearl has taken a beating in media coverage. If he wins another SEC title this year(he won’t) then all that goes away, but he is unattractive to a lot of recruits at the moment.

Didn’t Pearl hire and Arkansas guy to his staff?

flanigan’s dad…wes…who had been the head coach at UALR so its no surprise that the son signed where dad’s getting a paycheck from.


By the way, I think Flanigan has the highest ceiling of all the in-state ‘19 players.

Wow! I’ve always appreciated your input & honesty

What if the shoe(company) drops on Pearl before Allen’s freshman season? I’d say the odds of young Flanigan ever suiting up for the war tigers are iffy. Unless the new coach decides to keep Dad on the staff. BTW, where is Allen playing his senior year of high school ball?

I used to think that at the beginning of the summer, but now I kind of lean towards McBride. But I hear you.

Nah he still has a top 35 recruit committed and another that’s top 150ish. Currently has the #9 rated class for 2019. He has 3 seniors, plus we know Wiley, Purifoy, and Harper will all at the very least test the waters, with Purifoy and Wiley likely gone. So he has room to offer a coaches kid with high upside and still pay for 3-4 top recruits. Pearl is all in, he’s not changing his ways, he’s either going to go down hard or get away with it, there’s no middle ground for him.