Allen brothers combined record?

(Swine–this is not a hate post.)

No one has mentioned that the Allen brothers have QBed most games, if not all, for CBB while at Arkansas. I’d like to bring out that fact. Just what is the record of the Allen brothers for CBB at Arkansas?

I was pretty perturbed at AA this weekend for throwing under, behind, over, and way away from his intended receivers. Not all of this disconnect is due to the inexperience of the receivers, especially throwing behind a streaking, open receiver. Outside of this, I think AA is a heady QB that should be able to lead us to victories this year. I had had strong portions (again) of Kool-Aid in the pre-season hype and really wondered why we couldn’t win most of our games. After the TCU game, I began to believe that Coastal Carolina may be our only win in the future this year. We still could win this year, if and only if AA is able to refocus.

So, my point for the last six or seven years is let’s not judge CBB until we have a non-Allen QB, and not a first year starter devoid of decent experience. I hope Kelly gets sufficient exposure this year to make him effective next year. If he doesn’t, then we can’t judge CBB for Kelly’s lack of wins next year.

Therefore, I say “wait until 2019!!!” as well as “Show Me!” and quit talking the talk.

They have started every game he has been here, so their record is 26-27. Brandon was 18-20 as a starter and Austin is 8-7.

Actually, Brandon didn’t start the Rutgers game in 2013. A.J. Derby did. So the combined record is 26-26.

Not a post of hate; just telling.the damn truth about a terrible record. I think the patience with Austin Allen has about run its course. I know it has with me. Will Kelley get more game time? Probably not. But let’s hope so. He has the tools to be big-time.

The backup QB always is the most popular player on the team. Having watched both in practice, Kelley is quite a bit behind Allen. A change in quarterbacks would not change the issues with the receivers not getting open or with the tackles getting beat by the rush ends.

Changing QBs now would be a case of ready, fire, aim. Change for change’s sake.

If Kelly was better he would be the quarterback.

He’s not - at least yet.

H’s just barely better that Ty Story at this point, but I get it. He does look like a great quarterback standing over there with Ryan Mallett’s old number.

I know it is - and has always been - popular to bash the Allens, but the record is the football team’s, not just the ones of the brothers Allen.

He has not played well this year. He played great the first part of last season.

Neither have a lot of other players - not named Allen.

Brandon Allen - who is now in his second year in the NFL - also was thrown to the wolves as the starter when visiting Alabama hammered 52-0 when John L. Smith played the Tyler Wilson “might play” game.

How could I forget that one?

Frank Ragnow’s record since hitting campus isn’t all that great. Neither is Jared Cornelius’, Bijhon Jackson’s, Dwayne Eugene’s, Kevin Richardson’s, Josh Liddell’s, nor Honre Toliver’s. I know they all haven’t started throughout, but the point is, you win and lose as a team. It’s as they always say, the quarterback and the coach get too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses. Allen’s the starter because he’s the best quarterback at this point.

OK, 26-26. Bad anyway you look at it, especially since half of those wins came against cupcakes, or was it cream puffs? And, I didn’t say Cole should be the starter, but does deserve more playing time. And, oooooooh yeah, others are making mistakes. That 0-70 in the second half of the last three noncupcakes is proof of that. Kicking game is an absolute mess. Hey, since BB is not much of a game day coach, maybe he ought to hire fewer assistants who were mostly video jockeys in the NFL.

SoArk–I cannot disagree with you on team. Whereas I have developed a personal feeling that the team has in the past given up in the middle of the game (specifically after half) on their QB that is prone to talk Kool-Aid and then apologize for his poor personal performance in losses, my overall point remains the same that CBB shouldn’t be judged just yet. Wait until he has a non-Allen QB that has decent game experience. Let’s see then if the team will play four quarters, rather than two or three. \

When Allen-apologists claim each year over the last 4 years that the second string QB isn’t ready for game time, when other teams across the nation play their 2nd teamer with fair success, I just have to laugh. Really? A four-star QB that isn’t ready to go in his second year? Why? Will he be a babe-in-the-woods when he starts his third year? Ya’ll serious?

If you want to make an offense look out of sync, rotate quarterbacks. The starter should play every snap unless there is an injury or a game is in hand.

Sometimes a struggling quarterback needs a series or two on the sidelines to help him see what others may see. But, the last thing any coach wants to do is create the ol’ QB controversy and that’s what happens the moment the second-teamer goes in when the game is still on the line. As bad as Saturday was, my belief is the best chance to pull the game out is with the fifth-year senior, but I certainly see your point.

What team is playing its backup QB with fair success? I know Alabama’s backup had an OK mopup performance the other day against Fresno State. Who else? And is it against a legitimate opponent like TCU or the SEC teams that are upcoming?

I’ve seen enough of these two quarterbacks in practice to know there is a sharp drop-off between Allen and Kelley. It was the same way between Brandon and Austin for much of the time they were starter and backup.

I said he is not as good as Allen YET.

Neither Austin or Rafe were as good as Brandon when they were the back-ups.

Brandon wasn’t as good as Tyler

Tyler wasn’t as good as Ryan.

And so on and so forth.

Not sure why that is so hard to understand.

Goodness gracious, I have seen a team out of sync in the second half in the Hogs last three games. It wasn’t pretty. So, I guess we could call it half-assed out of sync.

WOW maybe you should relax a little and let the season play out some.

Were you bashing them when they blew out Fla last year or just when WE lost to Missouri and Va Tech??

Just because you don’t like the coach or some players is no reason to junk the team.

I’m sure CBB is just playing the bad players like AA instead of the better QB.
The best players are playing now they may not be good as other teams.

Maybe the matchup was just bad with TCU, that happens all the time.
Does anyone really think we had the best players when we shut out LSU or won 3 straight against OLE MISS??
Of course not but our style of play hurts them

R E L A X and lets see how we GOBSMACK the Aggies before we junk off the bridge

I was with you, kind of, until then.

Don’t see this happening. The team looks flat, I don’t see it being a quick fix issue, that’s what happens when you have major lapses in both development and recruiting.

I want so badly to believe in the hogs this season, but the offense just looks entirely too horrible for me to. I think it’s a 5 win year, 6 if they get lucky.