All time choke job

Pathetic really. Feel for the team but collectively they just put on the worst hitting display in CWS history

They’re a total embarrassment. Imagine going 4-2 in the CWS. Just winning one of the final 3. Not hitting a pitcher who controlled 3 pitches in a way one hardly ever sees anywhere this side of MLB. O :roll:

They ran into a great pitching staff and gave Oregon State too many outs to work with. I said before the series that I thought OSU was going to be the deepest staff Arkansas had seen and that was the case. They can really pitch.

I thought Arkansas would hit Abel better today. That was an all-time great performance by him on short rest and goes to show the depth of that pitching staff.

Losing the final game of the college baseball season is not embarrassing.

It’s disappointing.

Plain and simple.

I just consider the source. OP has shown us what he is.

Everything you say is true. It’s just maddening that we had it and lost on the last out and strike when 3 of our best players missed a popup they probably catch 95 out of 100 times. It’s unbelievably frustrating.

This was not an all-time choke job. This was not embarrassing. Typical Arkansas? Maybe. But this team played with class all year long. For a team to hit the way Arkansas did all year and not do better in the finals is disappointing, but sometimes you just have to tip the hat to a pitching staff and say they got the best of us. The sun will come up in the morning. Life is good. It’s great to be a Razorback fan. Thank you, DVH and team for a great season.

No doubt. That play is going to haunt all of them for a long, long time.

Shame on you Bayou Hog; not much of a fan.

Bingo. There are about 2-3 others on here who I don’t recall ever having seen before last night, but are showing up to belittle & blame.

I’m just disappointed like everyone else but I also know that there are a lot of teams that would have loved to have been in a championship series. We have talent coming back next year and I think we will do well. Hats off to the coaches and players.

At the start of the year if someone told us we would play until the end of June and win 48 games and finish #2 in the nation I think most of us would have taken it .