All this talk. But nothing of (Clay, DD, Swine Group)

What happens if we lose that first game? Any game before the dance.?

WHAT spot do we land???

Hottest team in the country by a few people.

What’s your thoughts on that. IMO we need JW to fill in 10-15 minutes.

Again IMO that small step to the next level, JW fills that void.

And NO symptoms ?

I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails, but nobody wants to even think this is possible I guess.

Bad luck I guess?

No answers.

I tried to answer but ended up creating a separate topic instead.

I do not think the seeds change much with the conference tournaments. One game is not going to move a team much if at all.

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If Arkansas loses on Friday, it might be a 4 seed. But it is the top 3 seed right now. I don’t know if a loss knocks them off the 3 line, especially to Missouri. Georgia might be different. But the Hogs have got a good body of work.

I think Arkansas is a 3 now.

Could move up to a 2 if they win the SEC Tournament .

Could fall to a 4 if they lose Friday

All guesses

Thanks Clay.

IMO after watching all this basketball since 1973 it seems all this guessing after the year ends conference
tournaments as you stated doesn’t move that needle much. Several years we win a few games in that SEC tour. then we spend a week thinking we’re going to move and nothing moves at all.

Actually I like the logical answer by DD.

SURE beats NOT doing anything and guessing at all. LOVE these years. It’s been a fun year.

Yes. I remember when we lost in the 2nd game of the SEC Tourney in 1994, I was worried that we would lose our probable 1-seed. We not only kept a #1 seed, but we got the overall #1 seed.

I think we’ll remain a 3 seed if we lose, might move up to a 2 if we win Friday and Saturday, depending on other results. Misery is a Q1 on a neutral floor, Georgia is Q2. Neither one is a bad loss to the committee, although you’d obviously rather not lose. Only one team can win a conference tournament; the other 12, or 9 or 14 or whatever, are going to lose.

Generally the seeds are locked in Saturday night, with the exception of someone in a Sunday final who is in if they win, not if they lose.

Conference tournaments do greatly effect the bottom of the bracket. Two or three surprises definitely knock out teams both from a mid major standpoint an an at large Power 5. But they do not alter seedlings much.

Lots of gnashing of teeth by fans but they are not going to change the top seeds.

Nolan darn sure didn’t care about winning the SEC tourney… of course, most of his teams were low seeds and didn’t have to worry about it.

Yep. That win-and-in scenario on a Sunday affects someone who is teetering on the bubble. That’s why they’re called bid thieves. If South Carolina were to be in the Sunday final there would be a lot of bubble teams rooting for Bama on Sunday (since SoCar is in our half of the bracket).

The one time we did win the SECT we stole someone else’s bid. I didn’t pay attention at the time; now I wonder whose bubble we popped that day.

Agree with your guesses.

Well, NR did the one year his team did win it because there was a movement afoot to change head coaches.

Because of several sources, I am sure it would have happened if that 19-15 team didn’t get to the NCAA Tournament, which it did because of winning the tourney.

Arkansas won four games in four days with wins over Georgia, No. 16 Kentucky, No. 10 LSU and No. 23 Auburn.

Made it back to the NCAA Tournament the next season and then was let go near end of the 2001-2002 season.

What’s really interesting about a potential bid thieve is the case of the Kentucky Wildcats. Bad record, no real momentum, but a team that everyone in the SEC tournament wishes they didn’t have to deal with. They’re letting supposedly about 3400 fans in for the games. Kentucky fans will figure out a way to get 75% of them, just like the tornado tournament in Atlanta. Plus dang near every loss they’ve suffered for the past 6 weeks has been like 5 points or less. I think they’ve had the lead in most all of those games, often with less than 5 minutes left. If they get past Miss St, they are then going to play Alabama. I would not be envious of the Tide in that scenario

Great information.

So this week-end if he plays he plays.

Fast forward what about the timing of the Dance & JW?

In his progression should his chances increase greatly?

Actually I have trouble thinking of Covid. I talked to my younger brother on this past Thanksgiving day for over an hour. Then Black Friday a trip to the hospital. 12 days later the battle was lost. James Lee Tucker was gone. tiredhogfan, Mercy

He knew Marty well and the story of him just missing the bigs in baseball. Why because he wouldn’t politic with the right people.

I think our seed will be decided before the SEC championship game ends. If we’re in it, we’ll either be a 2 or 3 seed no matter whether we win or lose that game. The only possible change I see is that if we beat Alabama, we become #2 & they drop to 3 spot. Or it might not matter either way. Regardless, if we win Friday, I don’t think we fall below 3. We have a shot at a 2 seed unless we lose the first game, I suspect.

Hogs are now the top 3 seed on Bracket Matrix, just as they are on Lunardi and Dave Ommen (who was NBC’s website bracketologist for 10 years). Will the committee agree? Can we move up if Houston loses to Tulsa (again) or Memphis or Wichita (again)? What if Ohio State loses again to Minny or Northwestern?

Stay tuned Sunday afternoon. We’ll find out.

Yeah, I think a 3 seed is most likely where we end up. But things can change. I think our chances of moving up are better than our chances of moving down unless we get blown out Friday.