All These Rain Delays

Personally, I can’t stand rain delays. I’m sure my hosts don’t like it, but if I’m asked to dinner at 6:30, I arrive at six thirty. I’m ready to begin at the announced time. (Goodness, I hate most doctors, too).

Well, it’s been a soggy last several weeks in the Southeast. And, that means many delays with so many regionals being hosted in the South.

I felt our Hogs were hurt last weekend at Georgia…even the announcers said the delay favored the home team…what an adrenaline killer. So, it hurts more than we fans and viewers. But, it helped Moo U today.

Anyway, give me some clear skys. I blame Arizona and ASU…they should be hosting.

Rain delays have cost the hogs in many situations! I’m hopeing for clear weather on the hill for a couple more weeks!