All thes Freshmen playing now

Lots of Freshman talent - means a better year next year

Give me some leather to bite down on as we traverse this season - it’s going to be painful

But hey - they will get better and next year

Please Mudd Stomp Tex A&M

Freshmen & red shirt sophs makes for a young but pretty talented group.
I think the talent level has risen with these youngsters, but one area that really needs some fruition, is line play on both sides of the ball. We can only hope more come along like Agim or some more step it up a few notches.

I agree about the Lines…We need another Tretola JC transfer for the Oline at either Tackle and we desperately need a big DT like Gooden.

Our back 4 on defense could be salty next year.

We need 3-4 type DE’s and OLB’s

I am worried about QB next year as we all should. I will feel better if Cole Kelley can get enough snaps this year.

Otherwise, our WR’s, TE’s and RB’s are going to be talented next year.

Although Arkansas struck out on D- lineman in the last recruiting class, I firmly believe the 2017 recruiting class will turn out to be by far, CBB best class.

I won’t be surprise to see Daulton Wagner gets some snaps at right tackle against NMSU.

I think this group of SO, FR and RS FR are going to be good over the next 2 years. We need JUCO studs on both lines.

The best talent is in the last two classes. More speed.