All the talk about attendance at BWA

Hogs finish second in SEC to UK and 12th in the nation. This is of course tickets sold and not actual butts in the seats. … NDANCE.png

Ya. It’s funny. Every December there’s an article here without national or conference context detailing attendance being down at BWA.

And, every year we outperform almost everyone in attendance.

I think almost everybody has issues with season ticket holders staying home, particularly against cupcakes. We seem to have it worse than most in that regard, but maybe not; maybe we just focus on it because we’re fans. We do sell more tickets than most schools have tickets to sell, and that’s why we’re high in the national rankings almost every year.

It’s a national trend. It has hit us but not as much as most. Just about the only schools who haven’t had a downturn are the 6-8 programs for which the entire sport is now tailored (and the 4-5 best mid majors).

It won’t change, much, unless they tweak the draft rules and/or stop printing money in March.