All the Rumors....Gus is Coming...but What if....

…Gus beats 'Bama and Georgia again? Tall order, yes, but he is not going to turn down a chance to coach for a NC.

At that point, we move to our #2 choice. If Gus beats Alabama, there is a good chance he goes to the playoffs.

Let’s consider this a different way. Not saying ANY of this is true, or what I necessarily want to happen . . . but “what if” . . .

What if Auburn DOES beat Alabama and DOES win the SEC Championship game? Why does that necessarily stop him from considering a move to Arkansas? Of course, this is assuming, as many have said, that Arkansas remains his “dream job”?

To start with, why would he consider leaving Auburn for anyplace? It’s because he feels he has not been treated well there, and he does not trust the people in power. It’s true that he MAY be on the verge of getting into the CFP. But it’s also true that he’s been rumored to be on the hot seat there all season (until the last week or two). Let us not forget that this is the same Auburn that fired a coach (Chizek) just 2 years after WINNING a National Championship. And it’s also the same Auburn that secretly flew Bobby Petrino in behind Tuberville’s back, then denied it.

So, even if Auburn does win the Championship this year, Gus may still feel that they will get rid of him as soon as they have any excuse (like, say, an 8-4 season). So, he may be ready to tell them they can have their job and “come home” on HIS terms, not after being fired.

Again - I don’t know if any of that is true, but it seems that it could be plausible.

I do know that even though I hate the disruption and “re-set” of our program that coaching changes bring, they are among the more exciting times while they are being sorted out. Lots of rumors to sort through while the real interview cycle is playing out.

I think the issue is timing. The assumption is if Gus beats Bama and UGA they will be in the playoffs and he wouldn’t want to leave AU before the playoffs. I think that. I guess he could leave before the playoffs, but I just don’t think he would. SO, that means we have to wait until some time in January to name him as coach. We miss the whole early signing period. Bad timing.

Yes, BUT, it would also send the message that AR’s next coach is in the CFP. The recruits that would be waiting to see who the next coach is would know who all the players in the coaching search would be (Dabo, Venebles, Gus, Richt, etc…based off names currently projected for playoffs).

He would leave because you can be fired at Auburn at the drop of a hat and when that happens and it will ,Arkansas my be settled in already with another coach . WPS

The Auburn board is dying laughing at us to think he would come here.
According to them we are at best 8-9th team in the SEC and no recruiting area at all.


Why would you go from the 2nd beat to what ever we are???