All the hype about our Men’s team

how good is our Women’s?

I just went to Warren Nolan, they have a tab that predicts the results for all our games. It has the men finishing 26-5, and has the Ladies finishing 26-4. Does Warren know something we don’t. Could be an excellent year on the hardwood and diamond for both the men and women

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Last night was the first game I’ve watched from start to finish and I was very impressed. K-State was ranked #25, has a win over a top-10 team (Iowa), and we absolutely owned the second and third quarter on them. Mike cleared the bench in the fourth quarter and we “only” won by 16, but it was a much bigger beatdown than that. Halfcourt defense is much better, rebounding is better and we have multiple options.

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I didn’t watch, to be honest I forgot they and the soccer team were playing. But after reading about the win, I’m gonna have to start watching them.

The lady soccer team lost 1-0. My understanding is FSU is the team to beat. So, staying that close at Tallahassee is impressive

There’s a mid-December NC game that will be very interesting: at Creighton, which is ranked #16. Then three days later they play Oregon in San Diego; Ducks are also ranked. SEC play starts right after that.

Yup, they were the pre-tournament #1 seed. We gave up a soft goal (actually put it into our own net) and couldn’t create really good chances, but there were some inaccurate shots that might have been trouble if they’d been a little straighter. After FSU got the goal I thought they might score 2-3 more but we did a good job of preventing that while pushing to score ourselves.

Nolan, has us losing to Creighton and beating Oregon (neutral site). Should be an interesting few weeks.

Yep. Nolan also predicts we split with LSU and lose to the Poultry and the Jellycats on the road.

Little early to put much stock on Nolans overall prediction stuff.

I went there prior to the Creighton game and it had us 27-3 and winning the SEC on the mens side. After Creighton it had us 23-7 finishing 5th in the SEC. His data on predictions takes some wild swings early in the seasons.

I have actually watched every single game start to finish. This team will probably be Mike’s best at Arkansas. His girls are playing better D, and we have rebounding. Poffenberger in particular has snagged 9-10 in every game I have watched. Our two lead guards have elite quickness. We have more size than we have had. Mike has options. I have really enjoyed watching the ladies go undefeated thusfar.

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Not to mention, the game against Oregon is part of the San Diego Invitational, so the Razorbacks will play the winner/loser of Ohio State/South Florida, too.

So, Arkansas will have this stretch of games:
at #16 Creighton
vs. #18 Oregon
vs. #4 Ohio State OR (RV) South Florida
vs. #12 LSU

That four-game gauntlet feels similar to the 2021 football team’s stretch against A&M/Georgia/Ole Miss/Auburn, where you probably feel pretty satisfied if you manage to split the games. LSU has a very favorable non-conference schedule and should be undefeated entering conference play. Arkansas could very well open SEC play with a home opener against a top 10 team.

I knew it was a tournament or at least event, but didn’t know who the other teams were. That’s a pretty rugged four game stretch. Committee certainly won’t be able to ding us for NC schedule after that.

Ohio State beat Tennessee at home by 12. Wednesday night they play #10 Louisville and then dive into B1G play after that.

Wonder if the San Diego State fans will come over to boo us?

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