all the games on TV schedule

you’re welcome we are on TV somewhere every week. is a pretty good site also, just not as good as the one mentioned above for college football. It does, however, carry a listing of all college basketball games on tv as well during the season.

I think the ESPN deal w the SEC guarantees every game to be televised even if it has to be the ESPN alternate, yes? :sunglasses:

Yes, ever since the SECN started in conjunction with ESPN in 2014 the contract has it that every SEC team will have all 12 of their games on TV including the SECN alternate channel.

Does anyone have the ACC Network? I haven’t looked to see where it’s foot print is, or availability in Arkansas.

I have it with my Hulu account.

I just did a channel surf, it’s on 405 on Suddenlink. There was absolutely no fanfare or notice that it was added to my knowledge, unlike the SEC Network. I’m just glad I’m not paying extra for it, lol. Who am I kidding, they raise the monthly bill twice a year.

The new ACC Network is 612 on DirecTV - just behind the SEC Network on 611 - which makes sense. I noticed that it debuted last week and dropped in to watch for a few minutes. Not surprisingly, looks/feels like a clone of the SEC Network.

Also - and this is also in the FAQ that Marty maintains - there is another site providing ALL the TV games that some may prefer - . Be sure to adjust the time zone (defaults to EST) to your local zone.

I have used the LSU site for many years and it is wonderful. But I ran across this second site a year or two ago and like it as well. More of a personal preference than a “better” site, as both have essentially the same info.

I went to my local Suddenlink Office last week the day before ACCN debuted to inquire about it. There were about five people working customer service that day and they all just stood there and looked at each other when I inquired. I finally made them understand it was a new channel that had not yet premiered and I was trying to determine if it would be in any of my packages. As Rice correctly states above, it is on Suddenlink channel 405 and in the same package that SEC is included in.

Yes I love that one as well Wiz.