Barford- 1st team
Macon- 2nd team
Gafford- All Freshman (obviously)
G. Williams POY

Personally, I think Macon got hosed…

I think Macon has a better resume for 1st team than Barford.
1st team: Macon
2nd team: Barford

The link above says you got it backwards. Macon 1st, Barford 2nd. Also says Maten is POY

Macon 1st team AP, 2nd team coaches
Barford 1st team coaches, 2nd team AP

I would rank Macon ahead of Barford.

Big Dan was named to all Freshmen team per coaches. Haven’t seen AP all freshmen

There were two All-SEC teams released today - coaches and AP. Both are recognized by Arkansas, meaning both Macon and Barford will be listed in future media guides as first-team All-SEC players. … all-teams/

I was kind of surprised that there have only been 10 first-team all-conference players since Arkansas joined the SEC. They are:

Todd Day - 1992 (Coaches/AP)
Lee Mayberry - 1992 (Coaches/AP)
Scotty Thurman - 1993 (Coaches), 1994 (Coaches/AP) and 1995 (Coaches/AP)
Corliss Williamson - 1994 (Coaches/AP) and 1995 (Coaches/AP)
Nick Davis - 1998 (AP)
Ronnie Brewer - 2005 (Coaches) and 2006 (Coaches/AP)
Sonny Weems - 2008 (Coaches)
Bobby Portis - 2015 (Coaches/AP)
Daryl Macon - 2018 (AP)
Jaylen Barford - 2018 (Coaches)

I doubt Nick Davis would’ve gotten many mentions on the question of who Arkansas’s first post 1995 1st team all SEC player was.

I was talking about the coaches. You must be referring to the AP.

I had a similar thought. I probably would have guessed Pat Bradley or Derek Hood or Joe Johnson - all of whom were never voted to a first team.

It’s easy to forget how strong of a season Davis had that year. He basically averaged a double-double - 10.4 points, 9.8 rebounds - and he blocked 80 shots.

Nothing suprises me when it comes to a AP vote a poll, all conference teams or player if the year! I fail to respect the polls because it is obvious of the bias! How does a team loose 4 games and aren’t ranked to win one game and all of a sudden bang here they are. The same for them being a 8-9 seed to a 5 seed. Sacred cows get the fresh grass and all the hype and praise.