All said, I think we beat Bama now

I thought we would be 4-1 going into that game.

I think coaches and program find redemption in f vile in two weeks in national TV.

No will be expecting it and if we can fix some things and get lucky - just maybe we can do it

I think you may be right.

Bielema has shown a remarkable ability in motivating his teams to have very short memories. His teams also improve as the season progresses. Being that this Razorback team is pretty darned good right now, I think the results are going to show in the W column.

This team can beat Bama. It is time to rest the starters this week and play the 2nd and 3rd teams against Alcorn. If our 2nd teams can’t beat Alcorn then we have a real problem.

The first team offensive line needs every single snap they can get. They are not getting physically whipped. They (specific players, actually) clearly are being confused with stunts. And they will keep seeing lots of them until they aren’t confused any longer.

I do think we can beat Bama. I also think we could lose nearly ever game on the schedule as well (exclude Alcorn State).

I love this team and feel like it’s time we knock off a perenial power. I hope it’s Bama in two weeks. With that said, it will be a tall task, but doable.

Woo Pig

Saw both teams in person in Jerrys world

Not sure what you are basing a win against Bama on but their Defense is tougher & more speed than Ags

Can we pull an upset of course anything possible but with this Oline Allen will be running for his life in 2 weeks if Anderson can’t get it corrected

If we can’t punch it in from the 2 multiply times against A&M I don’t see Hogs power football happening against Bama

Are we capable of beating Bama? Yes
Are we likely to beat Bama? No
1st of all we don’t need to look past Alcorn St. and have a sloppy outing. You can win by 30 but still look sloppy or flat or uninspired, etc. The starters need reps to stay sharp and overpower this team like they should, if only for a half.

But the last couple of years Bama, at this stage in their schedule they have had a tendency to play down to the level of competition, especially with us. But we were thought of as much weaker competition also coming in to those games just by our W-L record with losses to the likes of TTech and Toledo and such.
I’m sure ole St Nick had a close eye on this game for 2 reasons - AR and aTm, and he saw how easily the game could have gone either way until our collapse in the 4th quarter.
He hasn’t forgot how lucky they were to get out of Fayetteville with a W 2 years ago and 1 play and a busted coverage late sealed it for him last year.

Then the following week of practice before Bama needs to be bam bam and focused and mistake free, this is coaching time to keep the boys motivated and focused. Saban and his boys ain’t gonna take us lightly this go around.

I look for it to be a good game and like our chances if we play up to our level without the mental errors.

I do not agree with your statement that “they are not getting physically whipped”. I think they were physically whipped on numerous occasions on Saturday. Alabama has a better line than A&M so I think our Oline will be in for a long day when we play them. Hope I am wrong.