All quiet on the fight front

Been about a week and we don’t seem to know much. How many players involved and who were they? Have any charges been filed? Are they likely to be?

Obviously, no formal charges have been filed. It’s still with the UAPD and OSSC.

Yeah this is really important.

Maybe they’re learning to do what big-time football programs do: keep it quiet, or cover it up. You know, what should’ve been done with Petrino.

Except for sexual assault. That’s a big no no now, and that’s a good thing.

Well, yes, I do agree with this. There are obviously events like those at Baylor that must be fully investigated and handled. I’m just talking about minor stuff. I understand it’s a slippery slope. But there are ways to handle certain things.

The good news from the standpoint of the players involved is that it happened on campus. If it had been a few blocks down Dickson, the details would be everywhere.

Let me make clear, however, that unlike some of our win-at-any-cost posters, I’m not in favor of covering up for the bad boys on the team. If an 18-year-old is old enough to go to Afghanistan and get blown up by an IED, he’s also old enough to take the heat if he can’t behave himself.

I said this on the old Scout forum, but ill repeat it on here. Back in 95, I was in the Marines. Our Corpsman was a ladies man and got invited to a frat party at SDSU (Aztecs). He asked if he could bring some friends and about 11 of us went. Ended up in a fight that night with 15 members of the football team. Nothing was ever said about it. Of course back then there wasn’t smart phones with cameras everywhere either. Similar incident occurred about a mile from the stadium in Manhattan KS in 03, difference is someone was killed, but K St released a statement no athlete was near the party where the shooting occurred, and I can promise you that was a bold faced lie.