All part of the MASTER PLAN--Search Firm … 8657439745

What a joke. We’re getting exactly what we asked for by firing a good AD because he wouldn’t cow tow to Pie-in-the-Sky decision-making.

Exactly! What an embarrassment. Thank goodness for TN - we at least don’t look THAT bad but this isn’t looking good folks.

OMG, if that is true, we are truly and well screwed.

I do know that not everything on the internet is true, so hoping it is not. Hoping.

Who ultimately was the decision maker in firing Jeff Long?

Lots of drama queens ITT. Glad none of you are running the show

There are also reports that Gundy is meeting face to face with the Tennessee AD, today. If true, that means he is probably going.

It’s very rare for a sitting HC (who isn’t on a very hot seat) at a P5 school to meet with other school officials and not leave.

I’m not sure if he’s really meeting with them, though. I would assume Ok St would have to OK and can’t imagine they would.

Good thing we have a search firm, though.

Is that in the same restaurant where Gruden had his meeting? … 860864001/ … g-position

I don’t think having a search firm is necessarily a cause for alarm. They are just vetting candidates not making selections.

The real problem is that we have two separate coaching searches going on. One by the UA admin and one by the BOT/Boosters. Hopefully we can hire an AD soon so he/she can broker a deal between the two factions.