All over Twitter... as expected Michael Scherer

is headed to UNLV to be defensive coordinator. As suspected, still I hoped he might have found a thing or two that made him want to stay here… guess not.

Wonder what recruits will follow and who he could pull through the portal.

Here is our report:

Well I hate to see him go. Hopefully we will not be losing any recruits or current players because of it

Jackson Woodward might head that way.

While only a RS freshman, Kaden Henley seems to be 3rd in line in the 2022 recruiting class at LB. I would hope he stays but a departure to go with Scherer (and, bigger, Odom, who has a relationship with the Shiloh program courtesy of his own kids) would not surprise.

Yeah Woodward is already in the portal so that probably where he’s going

Well, Sam should always have a contingency plan, and he’s known about this possibility long enuf. So he will not exactly be starting from scratch here. Shouldn’t be long before he makes his announcement, unless……that coach is still involved in the championship game.

The new DC could coach LBers , if he does then we may need a safeties coach .

I think CSP already knew and there was an agreement in place for him to coach the bowl game.


I agree. Got us thru a rough spot while giving him valuable experience. Hopefully, part of the agreement is not taking players.


It is a conspiracy! New and important news daily on our beloved Hawgs just to make sure that we continue to pay for and read Whole Hog Sports! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


Woodard is for sure going. Not sure about Blair or any others yet.

I don’t see how anyone could take Blair in the portal. I can’t get over how many times he got burned in the final few minutes of the Liberty Bowl. It was ugly.

If Scherer leaves thank him for his time and move on, I don’t won’t anyone to stay that’s on the fence, either your “Whole Hog” or “ No Hog” in my opinion. We deserve better and so does he, that goes for coaches and players. WPS

He has a chance to be a DC at a major school before he is 30. He would be nuts to stay. He and Odom did us a favor for him to stay long enough to maintain the defense through the bowl game. He could have been recruiting players and assistants to UNLV during that time.

What makes you think he wasn’t?

Sure he was, but not full time. He could have been recruiting a lot more if he had not been coaching and planning for the bowl game. There are many coaches who have assisted at Arkansas and gone on to do well. I suspect he will be another one to be proud of.

I believe Blair will end up at UAPB. Just a guess on my part. He’d be a stand out player there IMO. He’s a fellow Pine Bluff Dollarway grad and a good young man.

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I bet Jackson Woodard is headed to UNLV. Would make sense and I wish him the best.


That is probably a very safe bet…… Nichols may be heading that way also.