All of today's coverage in one place...

Here’s all our coverage from today. I’ll have one more story and Dudley will have something on recruiting, too.

Live blog with pretty much everything that was said: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … nferences/”></LINK_TEXT>

Story on injuries to Greenlaw and Gunter: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -injuries/”></LINK_TEXT>

Story on players leaving the program: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … g-program/”></LINK_TEXT>

Bielema video:

Rhoads video:

Why promoting Paul Rhoads was an easy choice for Bret Bielema and a popular pick among Razorback players:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … k-players/”></LINK_TEXT>

Dudley’s story on early enrollees and why Jeremy Patton will be here for the first semester of summer school:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -delayed-/”></LINK_TEXT>