All of the penalties on offense were aggravating but -----------

.------------ KJ overcame a lot of them showing enhanced offensive power. He calmly dealt with those mistakes and the late game pressure and the snap clock ticking down and he made plays. The key play of the game was the 4th and 1 where he saw Treylon go down, saw he could not run for the first down, and threw the ball hoping for a penalty on the Burks take down. If he runs instead and not make it, we lose. Period. Smart play and it worked. He is not only tough, he is smart, and cool under pressure.


I thought it was a heads up play, too. At first, I wondered why he did it because I didn’t see the flag.

It was a heady play. But we were going east west there and not north south like we should have been on 4th and 1. I’m glad he made the play. Even the Rogers 4th down play went north south quickly right around the end where we weren’t expecting him.

It was a heady play. And it worked. But I am with Pittman. Run the football there!

I thought KJ showed his cool under pressure last year in the missouri game last drive. love that guy

You are probably a joy to sit with during a game. You make a fine line distinguishing what is a north-south play and one around the end. I wrote down on my notepad that Rogers bounced it outside to avoid the linebackers blitzing up the middle to hammer the back. The coaching book on fourth-and-1 is usually to go outside the end. Generally, the two A gaps will be stuffed with four defenders. The short yardage in early downs is to go inside, but generally it’s going to be something wider on fourth down.

Play calling is as much an art as it is a science. One of the best play callers I have seen is Bobby Petrino. He was the one who told me that on fourth-and-short, you are going outside most of the time. And, he detested the QB sneak, but did let Mallett sneak for a first down once. Once. He said a QB sneak is a good way to get a knee or ankle twisted.

And this is all fun debate to me. I love discussions on play calling because it’s something we are not allowed to do on a real stage as are the coaches. We get to nitpick and second guess a day or two later. The coaches know it and understand. Just part of it.


Yep, I tend to watch games alone. No dispute there. I hate people talking to me during a game.

Quite a bit of difference in how far east west we went on that play vs Rogers play. The biggest difference on that play is ours was a slow developing one whereas Rogers got north south real quick.

Yeah, outside is outside, right?

One was quick and one wasn’t, right? Rogers was north south in a second. The other wss nearly 5 seconds before we made a move to positive yardage. That’s my point. Im not a gifted communicator like yourself.

Clay, I’m not smart enough to question anyone’s play calling, especially BP’s. However, have you ever seen a QB get hurt on a QB sneak? I haven’t either.

Yeah, saw it twice in the last year. I think it was a Pac-12 game the last time I saw it. I believe Mahommes was injured on a QB sneak, too. I guess I’ve seen that maybe five or six times. Petrino said he was injured running a QB sneak in college. I think he said Jeff Brohm was injured, too, on a QB sneak.

Was just gonna say TT hats how Mahommes got hurt

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