All kinds of rumors

On rather mason jones will play tonight. Heard called into 103.7 and said he won’t play. Suspended from what occurred in last game. Nothing definitive from anywhere I can find. Line has moved from tenn -1 to tenn -3. Just curious

No mention of it anywhere but the probable lineup has Jones listed as a starter!

The probable starting lineup in our “How to watch” info-story is based on the starting lineup for the previous game, so Missouri in this case.

In another thread I mentioned that if it was NBA, Muss would rest Mason and Whitt tonight. But I wasn’t hoping for this.

Tom Murphy received a text from associate communications director Mike Cawood saying Mason isn’t suspended.

Good. That would have been too harsh. I bet he doesn’t start and checks in after the first media timeout.

Also won’t surprise me if we’ve completely overreacted to what we saw and there is no punishment whatsoever.

Good grief.

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I get that what Mason did wasn’t right. He was frustrated. I think Eric Musselman understands he can become that way sometimes when things aren’t going right. What I saw, in my opinion, did not warrant a suspension. Maybe he doesn’t start and comes off the bench after 6-8 minutes. Things can also be handled behind closed doors in the days between games.

You have to remember they have a really unique relationship, which both have spoken to in the past. Right or wrong, that probably gives him a little bit longer leash in those instances. Mason will learn from it, and probably already has.

I would have been surprised had he been suspended. Heat of the moment situation from a leader on the team trying to get us a road win. Probably wasn’t handled right (maybe on both sides) but hey, they are still getting to know each other - especially in situations like that one. Hopefully all good moving forward.

Very few of us know what it’s like to be a major college athlete and to get beat in overtime in a winnable game. Mason hates to lose. Muss hates to lose. We need more of that in Fayetteville. A lot more of it. Assuming Muss gives Mason more leeway, I’m fine with it. He’s earned it. Stars get preferential treatment. That’s the way of the world.

CEM is the coach and I’m sure it’s been handled appropriately, CEM is responsible either way and how he dealt with the issue is up to him his job rides on making good decisions. I have no idea what action was taken if any, I will bet if it happens again our bench will get shorter than it is now in my opinion. WPS

Hey. I was just asking. Couple of folks At work mentioned it, other boards, etc. was just asking if anyone had heard anything. Sorry I asked. I have no opinion on the matter

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