All in all pretty fair seeding in my view

Could clearly quibble w where we are vis a vis So Carolina, but generally an 8 is pretty consistent with our season. The biggest issue w our resume is that we mostly beat the teams that we were supposed to beat and lost to the team we were supposed to lose to, typically pretty badly.

If you step back, we played 6 games against teams who ended up seeded ahead of us.

Minnesota, Florida x 2, KY x 2, and South Carolina. We were 1-5 in those games. I recognize that 5 of these were essentially road games (including the SECT finals). But we didn’t generally just lose, we weren’t that competitive in any of these games that we lost to better teams. Margins of -14 to Mn, - 9 and -13 to FL, -26 and -17 to KY.

Add to that lost to a 10 seed (OSU) by 28 and to another 10 seed (Vandy) by 14 at home.

One thing we did well this year was mostly take care of business and win the games we were supposed to win against the middle the pack teams (like Ole Miss, TN, TAMU, etc).

But we just don’t have very many impressive victories or even ‘good losses’ to teams at the top of the bracket that would make you say “these guys can play with anyone”.

Happy to be in, and think we have a 60/40 chance of winning our 1st game. Don’t think we have much chance against UNC but getting to the NCAAT and winning a game would be a very satisfying season in my book, especially as that would make 2 of the last 3 years. Got to start rebuilding the foundation, and it starts w getting to the NCAAT consistently.