All I want for birthday next Sunday is Sweet 16

Hopeful after some 25 years of asking…

Flush today in conf tourney and let’s do what our proud program should do - show itself as a contender and threat to win some rounds.

Even with basically taking off last two decades from NCAAs, it’s cool to see the company we are in for Final Four appearances.

We aren’t Kentucky or UCLA, Kansas, NC or Duke, but we are solid upper class in Final Four appearances and history.

Making it 7 final fours this year would be worth several birthdays for sure.

Here’s to hope and a run in NCAAs.

I wonder how far up the list we would be if health and pelpry hadn’t been hired

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Depends on who they got. Supposedly we could have had Show Cause Self but I still think he would have bailed for Kansas or somewhere else at the first opportunity. Once Dana Altman ran screaming out of town we weren’t going to get anyone good to replace Stan.

Yep 100 % correct

That’s the truth. I always wondered what would have happened if they would have hired CMA instead of Stan!

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