All I need to know

…about this staff is the recruitment of Billy Ferrell. Old staff didn’t seem to make an attempt at this in-state kid, but it was one of the first moves by the new guys. Since signing, Ferrell has been bumped to a four-star. What were those other guys thinking?

Additionally, his lead recruiters must have been Lunney and Scott, who are the only two hold-overs. So, who was it from the last staff that kept giving these guys the red light? I was in the boat that wanted to keep CBB, but I’m kind of glad to eat the crow now and not later.

Billy had a very good first semester. That’s why schools moved on him so late. I would be willing to bet the old staff would’ve offered.

RD don’t be ruining the narrative that the old staff just had no idea what they were doing in regard to Ferrel and Bishop, it will just drive some people crazy.

Don’t know about Ferrell, but they weren’t going to get Bishop.

You have inside knowledge on this? My opinion is that the kid from Rockwall was not really solid to us, and Bishop would have received his offer and he would take it because he wanted to be a Hog.

Because of the low numbers they pressed Bishop to make a decision sooner than he wanted. He didn’t feel like he was priority because of that.

He had an offer fro the previous group and chose the bulldogs instead. CBB staff actually went after him fairly hard. Bishop said something to the effect of feeling that Mullen’s group would develop him better

I know it because they offered him and he said no thank you I’m going to Starkville. Would have been a Bulldog or Gator if Bielema stayed