All I know is CBB is crazy

If he comes back with this same defensive staff. Whether its the scheme or players they’re responsible for both and the performance of both should be unacceptable.

Do you really think he’s going to? Honestly? Stop and think about it for a second. Is there really a chance that happens? It’s highly, highly unlikely. So, why stress out about it?

Because that is what the coach said? If that isn’t the case, why say it? It is one thing to have “coach speak” but another to just out and out lie.

Because that is what it was…note he carefully stated he wasn’t contemplating any changes but that doesn’t mean some won’t resign and leave on their own (usually requested). It is like in politics…the president never fires anyone from their cabinet…they always resign (which is what is suggested). He has some wiggle room in his statement.

Geez. It’s coachspeak. Coaches are going to “leave” for other places. But let’s call the coach a liar because he is extending these guys some professional courtesy and softening their landing.

one thing I have learned is that coach BB is right even when he is wrong. He is the classic capt of the ship and flies by the seat of his pants or what his gut is telling him. Vegas would love to have him roaming their casinos because the return/regression to norms is pretty universally true. Karma to quote Jen. His staff will be dealt with by however he got out of bed thinking on the day it comes to making a decision.

that there are changes.

Are you willing to bet there isn’t?

It is one thing to “fire” someone. It is quite another to tell that person to go find another job because he won’t have one here.

That has happened to several coaches since he has been here.

And yes, it’s semantics, but it ends with the same result.

Coach Speak.

Having been around him for four years now, I couldn’t disagree with this more.

He is very regimented in his decisions.

Gets a ton of data, inputs a lot of things into his decisions - be it coaching or recruiting or just individual decisions.

Well, as they say " you can’t fire the players" probably when you wish you could. After all, they are now “his” players. I look for a pretty good shake up on the D side of the ball. If we cannot recruit some speed it does not matter about coaching, can’t coach speed. You got to pressure or cover or both, neither is a sure disaster. This recruiting season might help out in 2 years, wonder who the coaches will be, just asking??

Sometimes I think coach B was crazy for leaving a Cush post at Wisconsin and come to a place no major coach goes to because few built in recruits like bigs and a tough half of division to play.

Yes. I have often thought he was crazy to come here.

And I love this Univerisity and program and believe in them when reality often takes a back seat.

I like coach B.

Give him Alabama or Ohio State or TX advantages and he averages 12 wins easy.

You guys make me laugh. Sure, cbb is going to tell the press and fans what he plans to do. What am I thinking??

Keep in mind CBB is always quiet in his coaching changes/searches.