All I gotta say is......

The SEC better enjoy Arkansas being down while they can!

Yeah, I said it!

This pain won’t last long.

I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been gotten beat so many times this year or what, but it seems all the teams we’re playing are taking more cheap shots and visibly disrespecting our players more than I’ve ever seen before.

Again, enjoy it! Payback can and will come back hard on everybody! And you read that right, I said everybody in the SEC!

Amen Brother! Best post of the day. I am ready after seeing even Vandy disrespecting the hogs today.

Pay back in a respectable way. Beat them on the field.


Everyone will have to be patient because this roster is so not up to SEC standards it will take several top 15-20 recruiting classes to turn this roster over and be able to truly competitive with the majority of the conference outside of Alabama.
We should be able to improve next season on what will likely be a 2 or 3 win season this season, but it won’t be an 8-9 win year either.
I do expect the Hogs to improve year over year if they are able to recruit their tales off and land better players, but it will take time. You have to have depth especially in the trenches on both sides of the ball to start with and looks like the 2019 class has addressed that need, but not so much on the O-Line thus far.
Also, it appears that the size and speed issues are being addressed at WR, but need upgrades at LB position.
It will be interesting to watch what happens over the next few seasons and we will hopefully be able to talk about many more victories at that time.

Go Hogs!

Hope the General is correct

Vanderbilt - Physical. Arkansas - Whimpy.

Thanks to the 41,000 plus fans for showing up. In these times we need to continue to support the program.

Other teams kicking our butts is not disrespectful, it is football. Any player on any team is supposed to do his best on any given play so it is not the opposition’s disrespect, but the fact we do not even a fair team, but frankly, an inferior one.

However, that can change and I hope it will soon, the old statement holds true, “wait till next year”

I wasn’t referring to getting our butts kicked, but instances like yesterday where a Vandy player was pretending to help Storey up and pulled his hand away at the last second, prompting Storey to flip him the bird. I understand this goes on probably every game, but I’ve just personally noticed it more this year than ever before.

I did not mean that toward you General, just in general. I agree players do not always meet what I would have for a standard behavior, but this world has changed a lot in my lifetime.

My observation: Vandy showed they were superior in O-line, D-line, QB, and RB. They beat us fair and square and no disrespect. We are going to improve year by year with new coaches. It will take at least three recruiting classes for us to be SEC competitive. Meanwhile, we need to accept the status quo and move on. We need to show support for the coaches.

Thru the years, and I am talking about a lot of years here I have been rooting on the hogs since 1969. I use to wonder what it must be like to be a Vanderbilt fan and support your team year in and year out while always bring up the rear. I don’t have to wonder any more!