All I got to say is

SEC SEC SEC! Little 12 doesn’t know what defense is!

Whatever. OU had a bad first quarter. Bama can’t stop OU any better than OU can stop Bama. And our boys in Fayetteville have no idea what defense is either.

True we didn’t have a defense either. But heck we put up 34 pts & over 400 yds of offense on Bama defense also.

Seems you can never resist the temptation to make your assessment of the Hogs. It is possible that you think most of our sports knowledge is inferior to yours, but is unlikely that after a 2-10 season that most of us are well aware of many of the team issues.
But I think the scoreboard disputes your statement that Bama can’t stop OU any better than Bama could stop them. If allowed to make excuses or revisions, one might say that Bama later game sloppiness kept the game closer than it might have been. Regardless, Kylar was amazing to watch, bet the Aggies were wondering how they let him go.

I just think it’s utterly silly for any Razorback fan to say, “see, look how we play defense in the SEC.” The dearth of defense in Fayetteville has been astonishing by any measure, by any conference standard. Zero. None. Nada. It’s like a scrawny kid brother standing behind a big brother’s leg, trying to pick a fight with a Marine. His big brother does all the work. Bama and UGA are our SEC big brothers. We are the scrawny, snot-nosed kid.

Oh the Aggies knew very well how they lost Kyler. Just Took them a minute to lose that problem also. (Sumlin).