All I am going to say...

To be an elite program you need elite coaching.

Maybe many are fine with being a “good” program, and believe that is all we are capable of.

I will not be satisfied unless we return to being an elite program.

I stand in support of what doc just said!

Motioned has been seconded; all in favor?


Give us a list of elite coaches and %probability of hiring them. Would like to know where your head is.

And please don’t insult us by listing Gregg Marshall and Buzz Williams.

The hogs shot 36% last night and got beat!
Poor defense sure will get you beat and it did. Where did the defense go from the A&M game!
That’s absolutely the most pathetic shot selection and decision making I’ve ever watched out of seniors that are supposed to lead a team. Now that’s my disappointment.
Early in a game when you show boat after a made shot shot when the game is still being played you should get beat. The talent level of the hogs will be better next year and we will have a point guard.
For the folks that down Beard all the time he may have had some bad plays but he made some shots. 50%.
Sometimes you need to be humble in a loss. The blue chips won because the junkyards dogs failed to play for 40 minutes. Over a 6 minutes scoring drought was the final dagger. You can’t miss free throws, you can’t turn the ball over and you sure can’t waste a fast breat 3 on 2 and just throw the ball up expecting to get a call! The result last night was on the players! Not the coach.

so since “elite” coaches are Coach k, Calapari, Pitino, Self.

If MA is coaching Kentucky’s players and any of the coaches above are coaching AR players, who wins the game?

The Kentucky players win that game 9 out of 10 times.

The playing field in CBB is not even. Unless you want to get into to the mud of AAU and WWW, you will not be an “elite” coach.

I think if the playing field was even, MA is a a top 10 coach. The man has never had a losing record.

Rick Pitino is an “elite” coach. He is available. He has won multiple championships. Want him coaching the hogs?

I don’t know who that elite coach would be
I just know we don’t have one

I not have to have a solution to a problem to recognize one exists. I am a fan, not an administrator. I am entitled to have an opinion and express it.

And I will continue to buy season tickets and be at every single game.
I will continue to invest emotional capital during every game.
I will continue to have periods of excess blood pressure and heart rate every game.

And by the way, being an elite coach includes elite recruiting.

I don’t know what this says about me - I’m okay with good and not elite. I think it’s because I know the alternative (Pelphrey, John L. Smith) and I do think Mike is a good coach, and a better person. We have won over 25 games 2 out of the last 3 years which is between good and elite. So I’m not totally content, but I’m satisfied.

Being in the Top 80 percentile is good enough for me and I don’t think the book is written on our future. Just takes 1 or 2 special players.

This! Some of us have still got your back Coach. Proud to have you leading the program and looking forward to the future of Raorback basketball!

Go Hogs! And kudos to Coach A 0 loosing seasons he is a good coach and our coach whether you like or not no one wins every game

Isolated bad losses are the focus of some fans, but the reality is that recurring problems have been evident for years in Mike’s system. Mike’s system works on up to 75% of the teams we play, but fails against the good to great teams. The game has changed and rule changes are the real culprit.

Bad nights by CJ Jones and Hall hurt our starters by making them play too much while Mike compounded it by using man w traps in spite of short bench…so our starting guards were gassed. We should have used match up zone against the worse 3 pt shooting team in the SEC. Instead, Mike used man trap pressure most of the game which allowed them to drive and dish to wide open shooters. They also found easy dunks on bad rotations the last 30 minutes.

Mike told Laura R coming out of halftime he was going to play our starters more because our bench sucked in the first half. I remember thinking Mike wouldn’t be so stubborn that he would stick with Man Traps when he reduces the rotation as he stated… but he did in fact have his starters trapping, switching and pressuring full court!!!

It’s the same old issue for years with Mike.

Every system has weaknesses. And great teams exploit that. But when other parts work, those weaknesses are masked. That is the beauty of any system. Why do you think elite coaches and elite teams OP cherishes ever lose?

I challenge your comment about not being able to beat good and great teams. Are you saying all the teams we beat are worse than us?

I would rather worry more about losing to teams worse than us.

Case closed.

Personally I would like to have a proven elite coach. But I am a realist and don’t make such profound statements that are like birthday wishes.

Very few if any, elite teams use Mike and Nolan’s scheme. Why? Let that sink in for a bit…

Mike is trying to duplicate NR’s scheme when the rest of college basketball has caught up with the athleticism we once dominated. Mike’s scheme doesn’t work as well against the elite teams in the SEC and elsewhere. Unless we are shooting great from outside, it is quite clear we get beat because we are exposed on switches, traps, lack of rebounding and fatigue if a team is elite or has great guards.

Mike’s system needs to be modified but he is too stubborn in spite of a roster and rules that won’t support the system. He won’t see near the success NR had with it. Mike changed to match up zone last year but this year he is partially adapting.
After we lost to Vandy last year, Mike used matchup zone 75% or more of the time which helped us go on a great run to finish the season. Barford has been tired since the Tennessee game and needs rest. His offense and defense is totally different if he isn’t playing too much and trying to carry the team. Macon and Beard are tired too but you can tell Barford is fatigued.

Our gaurds are worn out and they were spent after the first half as you say. Man and trapping wears us down because we don’t have depth at gaurd. There is NO reason we should have used Man and Traps except for bursts of change up shock. This UK team sucks shooting from the Arc so we should have been in match up zone all night, especially after we could see CJ was not hitting shots and even Hall was a NO SHOW. They used our Man against us with screens to free up knox as he weaved through the lane. Knox kept UK in the game because we stubbornly stayed with man. We were out of position so much the last 30 min and it showed in rebounding too.

No one could be more frustrated than me after last nights loss. Mike is a good coach but defiantly an elite coach.

IMO the difference between “elite” coaches and good coaches is recruiting. Note KY had a bench full of 5* players most of whom would start in any program in the country.

From all indications most (if not all) of the “elite” coaches are about to be hammered for their cheating ways.

We shall see.

Other coaches that cheat don’t force Mike to use a system that works on about 75% of the teams on our schedule. The 25% that have the talent to expose Mike’s system beat us badly because his scheme is weakened with rules changes and his coaching. Other coaches are not forcing mike to make bad coaching decisions.

His system could work better if he would stop being married to trapping man defense. We have no real guard depth to play Mike’s trapping man defense. It is that simple. It is maddening to watch him send our guards into a gun fight with a rusty butter knife

It’s pointless PJ, this dude just sits around relishes these moments after a loss. He hates CMA for whatever reason, and you can’t reason with him. Look at how much posts after a loss compared to after a win. Notice he wasn’t saying anything about the system after we demolished Texas A&M, a team that’s stacked with talent and many felt were a top 10 team to begin the season. Now that we have lost to Kentucky, a team stacked with future NBA players and 5-stars, all of a sudden he’s in every thread telling us why CMA can’t coach, how his system is outdated, how he doesn’t make adjustments, and why we can’t beat good teams. When literally no facts support that opinion.

I’m confused on why you aren’t out coaching somewhere, instead of spending all your time telling us what Coach Anderson is doing wrong. Seems like you would get tired of wasting your time, because obviously, he’s not reading any of your posts. If you got all the answers and knows what it takes to win, go coach and work your way up the rankings and come take his job, since what he does is so simple as you put it. I never understand people that sit around and complain all the time and think they can do somebody’s job better than them. If you can do it better than him, go take his job, and stop telling us how simple it is.

If you really wanna put your money where your mouth is. You can go volunteer at a local boys and girls club and I’m sure with all your knowledge, and how simple it is, you’ll dominate at that level and quickly get some offers to move up and help coach some AAU teams, from there we’ve seen coaches that did well on that level move into assistant coaching roles, and then you know head coaching is right around that corner. If it’s so simple, it seems like a no brainer, that you would purse it and go get those millions.

Anybody that wants Pitino as a coach is crazy.

Blu- Since you are defending Mike at a maniacal level, then you must understand it so well that you can clear up a few things. Could you educate us who don’t understand Mike’s scheme?

Can you explain our offensive scheme, strategy and execution?

How does Mike attack a 2-3 versus a matchup versus a man defense?

Can you explain 2-3 set plays?

Can you explain the weaknesses of Mike’s Trapping Man Defense, switches, and rotations? What does he do to improve perimeter defense?

Can you explain how Mike determines if he is going to use man or zone?