All healed up, Treylon Burks ecstatic to compete

From Jeremy Muck of the ADG on Burks’ comeback and competitive nature: … 0190715-1/

after that Arkadelphia championship game, I really felt that Treylon was our next McFadden. aggressive, fast, strong, just a freak on the gridiron, like batman playing with normal people. could literally play any position except down lineman.

really hope he comes back strong and healthy and gets to show off. Trey and Treylon could be an NFL tandem.


Wondering if Treyon is the most heralded local (and signed) offensive recruit since DMac?

Frankly, I’m excited about his potential.

I’m eager to see what Treylon can do, too. As far as heralded in-state offensive recruits since McFadden - Hunter and Hudson Henry, Mitch Mustain and Damian Williams (2006) come to mind. I grew up in south Arkansas and remember a lot of hype around De’Anthony Curtis at Camden Fairview. I don’t know if that same excitement was shared throughout the state, but he was a big deal around my hometown.

Mctelvin agim, our only 5 star in a decade or so

daBoar was asking about offensive recruits, but yes, Agim fits on the defensive side. Darius Winston (2009) was also a 5-star.

Ahh, missed that.

We really need him to not only play but be an impact guy to go with Knox and CJ. I think Woods will be OK but not impact type.

Burk’s Arkadelphia game was the most impressive all around game that I have ever seen by a high school player. He was the best offensive player, the best defensive player and the best special teams player on the field and not just by a little bit. He showed that he was the total package and that he had the ability to be an all SEC player on either offense or defense. Speed, power, instinct, versatility and was classy. No showboating and he deflected his praise to his teammates. If he stays healthy, he could be the next Warren player to go from the Razorbacks to the NFL. At this stage of his career, Burks is a better prospect than Wright, Childs, and Gragg.

If the o line can protect and the quarterbacks can make the throws, Burks, Knox and the rest of our talented receivers and tight ends will be the greatest weapons since the potent Petrino years. If the o line can protect and open a few holes for the running backs, the offense will be much better. Even if all goes well, we still need some more studs to compete with Bama and Georgia.

The defense should be improved. Sosa and Scoota are talented and the young players should be fast enough to be competitive. The Chief will be in his second year, so the returning players should be able to play fast because they know the system.

I think that we could win some games that nobody expects us to win and earn a bowl bid. However, we must remember that we were really bad last year and great improvement will only get us somewhere in the mid pack of SEC football teams. At least we do have some exciting young players that will be fun to watch.

We need to help the coaches and players this year. I know that I’we had a bad taste in my mouth since the SMILE era and the Belima disaster and I lost most of my passion for football. I want Morris to succeed and to start wining again, This team seems to be similar to Petrino’s first team. They also had talented young receivers and some good young talent. The core of that team went to our only BCS bowl game in their 3rd season and finished the next year ranked number 5 in the country in the final polls. While I don’t expect to win at those levels, I do expect to win a lot of games and be competitive with the top tier of college football.

I hope that most of us will be happy this time next year. WPS

Gotta disagree with you on this one.

Woods was arguably the man among the WRs late in the season after he got his suspension and caught up with the speed of the game.

I expect he will start again (he started seven of 10 games as a freshman) along with Trey Knox and whoever else rises to the top and demolish his numbers of 18 catches, 206 yards and one touchdown as a true freshman. Woods played 338 snaps last season in 10 games and was targeted 38 times, but many of those were uncatchable.

Jerry Eckwood

I’m with Dudley, Woods could be the man, saw some flashes last year in a new system and got better n better and he is faster than most think & football smart.
I’m disappointed in Jordan Jones not making much of an impact with that 4.3 speed. He still around or transfer?

Mike woods = Joe Adams

Don’t think that’s a good comparison, very, very different players.

Totally agree not like Joe at all based on what we’ve seen.

Woods was just a puppy last year! He will be very good down the line and will make a lot of big plays!

Very different

Darius didn’t quite live up to the hype. Got better but wasn’t mind blowing good.

I’m more interested to see Jalen Catalon. To me he was the most important player we have coming in.