All fall athletes expected to get an extra year of eligibility

Whether their team plays this year or not. So we could have more than 100 football players on scholarship for 2021.

It’s interesting that even if they play this year they would get an extra year. I’ll wager that smaller/mid sized schools will cut a number of players (if this happens) purely out of financial necessity.

Does this mean we may get Franks for two years possibly?

If we don’t have football and BB seasons, do you think we can afford all the additional scholarships? TN is talking about 20% cuts to all departments. KS is looking for a $20M line of credit. Being allowed to vs being able to are different in my mind.

Not everyone will, or can. But as the article points out, the league most likely to have extra people on scholarship is the one we’re in.

We came across something a few weeks back that UA spends $60,000+ per year on each scholarship athlete. I count 17 seniors on the current roster. If all 17 came back, which is unlikely, that’s an extra $1 million, assuming all 17 are on scholarship which may not be the case. Not cheap but probably not a budget breaker. A Sun Belt team might view that as a budget breaker.

I’m sure you have this nailed down.

But, it’s not just the 17 seniors that get to an extra year according to that article. That is the example they gave, but it says all players get an extra year. That would mean up to 85 additional seasons at $60k. No way that is doable.

Franks could have applied for a extra year anyway due to his injury here in Florida.

As the article also says, some people won’t stick around: Graduate transfer, go to the NFL, stop playing football entirely. But for once the NCAA is doing something because it’s good for the athlete instead of strictly what the schools want. Coaches will have to deal with roster management. Ask DVH about that.

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