All Black Unis

IMHO this is usually a bad look. Especially in baseball and softball. Double especially if black is not even one of your school colors. Those Vandy unis are just hideous. They are also hotter than other colors. And if you think it has a slenderizing affect, all I can say is just tune in to the Florida-Moo U game on the network right now.My one exception to this rule is the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team. They should always wear all black. Always. Till the end of time.

I agree!
Like I said in a previous post, I watched Miss St for the first time last week. They are a big team!

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yeah you wouldn’t want to be behind them in the buffett line!:slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never cared for black baseball pants or white baseball hats.


When it comes to uniforms, tt’s about what the players/recruits and apparel sale people want…not the fans or the media.

Yeah I’m sure there’s nothing an athlete would rather do on a hot day at high noon than put on an all black uni because Nike sez so.

My man

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Wasn’t talking about Nike. Talking about the athletic department apparel people selling it to fans to pump money into the revenue stream.

Mississippi State has the ugliest baseball uniforms in the SEC. Combine the bad design with maroon and you get their look.

Ole Miss always has some great looking uniforms, unfortunately. The team I love to hate looks sharp.

Arkansas is somewhere in between. Not great, not ugly.

The New York Yankees pinstripe home uniforms are just the best in baseball, simple and elegant.

For the most part I agree on the white caps Matt. I do kind of like when the Royals wear them with Royal blue jerseys and white pants though. Now if I see white caps on white jereys and white pants, I expect to see Shoeless Joe coming out of that cornfield or someone delivering jugs of milk.

I love our unis, and as far as MLB, this may not be a popular opinion, but I loved the Cards baby blue unis.

Are we wearing black uniforms this weekend? Not a fan, if so

I certainly hope not and haven’t heard that we are. Seeing the Moo U girls in their black mumus today is what prompted me to post this.

Mercy…“I don’t like my teams uniforms!” Waaaa… :sunglasses:

The Cards do a great job with their unis. I’ve got a vintage 80’s baby blue jersey. I think they now wear them on Saturdays when they are on the road. The Saturday, home, cream unis are pretty sweet too.

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