All BB not Arkansas

NC taking care of Baylor.

BTW the talking head (whatever his name is) on CBS just picked NMS to take down the hogs.

Anything to add to this point in the day?

You know what they say about opinions, Mike, lol. I’m sure Muss is aware of it and will use it for more motivation. Go Hogs!

Sure do.

And NC playing very good.

We should be ready, IMO. If we can’t take care of business then it’s on to Baseball. WPS

So who are we for? NC or Baylor?

Hard to pick, Tarheels rolling…

NC up 20 and Bears in foul trouble…

NC rolling.

No answer do we dislike NC or Baylor the most?

I don’t like either, but I really have an issue with Manek (I think he is a tool) and as I typed this, he got ejected.

I want the chance for us to send Baylor home, but looks like UNC has this one

A small run but I think Baylor is toast. I don’t like either also but it’s a different dislike for each…

I got busy at work. Looks like it’s turned into a game.

Baylor has had it’s chances…

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