All Arkansas

In todays ADGazette Williams, Chavis, Miller and Henry were all first teamers. Williams was defensive player of the year with Justice Hill offensive player of the year and first team QB. The OL that signed with Ole Miss did not make either first or second team.


What about the 4* OL that went to OU-Wilkins?
One of those guys labeled Tarzan lol.

First team. The other OMiss kid made second team.

Interesting from my standpoint (Arkadelphia alum) that Kyren Harrison made the ADG all-state team as a linebacker and didn’t even make an all-4A team that came out the other day. Not an SEC prospect unless he gains about 50 pounds and keeps the same speed, but he sparked a defense that was darn near impenetrable in the last 10 games.

These All-State teams are chosen different ways. The one by the AAA is determined by your finish in your conference, first gets the most, etc…there isn’t a vote, the head coach names the players from his school. So, when people have a beef that little “Johnny” didn’t make it, they need to contact their coach. As to the ADG’s, I think the staff makes most of the choices along with some input from coaches.

I’ve seen kids that didn’t make All-conference, that made All-State, lots of coaches spread it around and usual reward their Sr’s.

I didn’t see the list, but I’m told Harrison made the 4A all-state team last year as a soph. Of course Arkadelphia went 14-1 last year and finished second in its conference; 5-5 regular season this time and finished third in conference before running the playoff table.

Muck does the teams. Staff not involved.

Ok, I figure Tim, or some of the others that report high school games helped him.