All about perspective

Heard some of the NBA guys were complaining about the bubble. I thought how ungrateful when the nation is in the middle of a pandemic and so many people are hurting.

Richard, it does seem strange. It might get old if you are at the “same old resort” every week. No, come to think of it, I’d let someone pay me to be in “a safe” spot and all I have to do is play basketball.



I am 100% certain the military personnel on deployment working and living in very arduous conditions have no sympathy for any spoiled NBA millionaires playing and living at the WDW bubble.



Yeah, it’s insensitive, but then these guys are used to doing what they want, when they want, never worrying about money, an endless supply of women, etc., etc. Their normal pattern is being cramped. The rest of us would love to have one day in their bubble, though,

Aloha Jeff,

How right you are! I was hearing on national sports radio the other day the great lengths a lot of the players are taking to sneak women into/out of the bubble.


What national sports radio? If true, it would be all over ESPN. However, what you describe is on Facebook.

Doubt ESPN would be talking about guys sneaking in women.

Aloha PJ,

It was on national sports radio. I surf a lot of channels while driving. No, I didn’t record the exact time, date, station and radio guest speakers making the allegations/ statements.

As for ESPN, I very seldom watch it since it became so political.


Aren’t they in a Disney Property and doesn’t Disney own ESPN? I would be shocked if any of the principals or the NBA have much interest in acknowledging any deviations from protocol or much other than a rosy picture.

Only thing I’ve heard is the players union trying to work out a plan to allow player’s family members inside their bubble.
Maybe some have been sneaking in their wives already.
But NBA players have long been spoiled by girls other than their wives to.

Wilt Chamberlain said he had 2,000 ladies who were not his wife.

I guarantee you if there was any truth to it, First Take will be all over it. Nothing gets by them.

If it was ESPN Sports radio, CBS Sports radio or Fox Sports radio or talk shows hosted by known national sports analysts, I pay attention. I have become careful about surfing radio channels, just like surfing the net and trusting the sources, I have fallen into that trap and lost some bets. In fact I have posted something sports related on this forum and had to back it out. Learned my lesson,

Guy, this is the EXACT discussion that my friends and I have. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a “security guard” at the bubble, to see all the shenanigans going on.

I had a ton of fun at summer camp in middle school, as a dork with no resources. What if you were a bazillionaire with all your buddies locked up with you, and every woman on earth dying to get in with you?!

I’d like to see Quentan Terrantino make a move about this. kinda The Great Escape meets Hogan’s Heroes. just a fantastic topic for lively discussion, or a “Real TV” show or a movie.



Recommend to google. Many articles discussing the subject.


Magic Johnson had the Magic Room as I recall. I think James Worthy got busted in Houston ordering up a hooker who was a cop instead. Night before game day.

The Great Escape … one of my all-time top 10 movies. I’ve made my wife watch it a few times. She ends up doing crossword puzzles and lets me watch it … again.

Yeah yeah, I know…the Cooler.

great flick


I’ve seen a documentary recently on the Great Escape. Apparently, Steve McQueen agreed to do the movie, but only after them writing in some parts that made his role more fun (in his eyes). I think the motorcycle ride at the end was something he asked to be added. I am glad they added that. Pretty cool.

I love the movie, but I wish when they made movies based on real life events, they would stick more to the facts. As I recall, there were no American’s at the camp (at least at the time of the escape). They added American’s to attract an American audience. I know it isn’t a documentary, but it does bug me on stuff!!