BAMA will certainly come to BWA needing a win for the NCAA tournament. Hogs great win vs Miss and let’s face it, Vandy was tired and turned the ball over a bunch.

The hogs matched Vandy in the turnover deferment in the first half! But the second half was another story the higs with 3 turnovers and Vandy had 13.

Alabama struggled last night and don’t look good. Pressure them and play solid defense and I like the hogs over them. Hall and Gafford will be fun to watch down low. The 3 point line I think favors rhe hogs. Joe should be able to find some wide open shots if Harris and Jones drive and kick.

If Arkansas can get loose behind the arc Saturday it’ll be a plus. Alabama is holding SEC teams to 31 percent from deep - best in the league. Fun fact: Arkansas has now shot 50-plus percent from 3 in three straight games for the first time in Mike’s tenure, so the team is on a bit of a roll right now.

I’m worried about Petty catching fire.

Petty has been very hit or miss in league play. For example, he hit five 3s Saturday against LSU but was 0-of-8 from deep the previous three games. But you’re right, he’s got to be a priority defensively.

Yes, I’m also worried about the fire in our belly of late cooling off. WPS

Very true, I’ll also add our DPG has significantly increased the last few games, so has our tempo.