All 5 teams ahead of us....

In the SEC play on the road today. First two have already lost (Missouri and Alabama).

they all lost and UT is still playing but also losing (though its still very early). Arkansas did what we had to do. 2d place is in reach and conf championship is not yet out of reach!

Fla did too.

Made it all the way up to a tie for third today, with us having best overall record and tiebreaker I believe. Keep winning.

And auburn loses mclemore today with a ugly ankle injury, that’s huge lost.

It’s wide open! Hogs need to just take care of their own games. Kentucky won today but Bud Walton is a place those cat freshmen have t played!

Yeah dislocated ankle and fractured tibia. Gonna have surgery to fix ligaments. Brutal.

With that bad of an injury, will that result in a pay decrease?

It probably stops payments until he can play! I hope the young man recovers and is able to play again!

I just assumed there was a glitch in the payroll dept.

Pray the kid has a successful surgery heals up and gets back out there good as new.

FL takes another on the chin down the stretch. Vandy wow. White having struggles all the sudden. Who hasn’t though in the SEC this year. I say again, SEC Tournament may be a alltime best.