All 4 teams in Final Four are from……

……conferences known more for basketball than football. And of course, Jay Wright pointed that out. He could be challenged about Miami and ACC, but he is close.

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Not sure the Mountain West is known for either one, really. It’s just kinda there, waiting for the Pac-12 to raid it.

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There sure aren’t any brackets out there that had these 4 teams going to Houston. I hope someone beats UCONN.

The ACC is definitely a basketball conference. So is mountain west. You go to any of these campuses for a home basketball game and feel it, and then just ask around how excited folks about football season. Come on. The Pit in Albuquerque? UNLV? In the acc Duke, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Georgia Tech… I mean top to bottom it’s every school in those conferences got basketball in their blood.

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