All 4 Arkansas Lady Razorback signees

are possibly going to be McDonalds All-Americans. Amazing


Wow really amazing.


Is there a link to view? Maybe a bio summary someone can cut/paste? Really nice news.

Here you go…

Ashlyn Sage
Samara Spencer
Emrie Ellis
Jersey Wolfenbarger

In the South section, are the names your’re looking for (If you didn’t know).

Thanks for the help. Wow, that is a lot of players getting nominations.

If they are selected, there won’t be a game. Canceled due to COVID

Wow, about 270 names - must be all of the 3, 4, and 5 star players? How many make it? 20?

24 boys and 24 girls are selected.

That list is all girls. Do they nominate that many boys also?


Geez, I missed the girls’ count. They have 460 nominated. The boys have 340. I had no idea that many were nominated.

Looks like all D1 offers should be included, given that many nominations.

Y’know, there is nothing wrong with that. But, at some point a slightly parsed list (top 60?) would be nice as well.

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