All 37 NCAAT buzzer beaters

Washington Post has a nice feature with writeups and video of every NCAA Tournament game ever that has been decided with :00 on the clock, and you-know-who’s (whose?) is the very first one mentioned. They also give that game credit for turning the NCAAT into March Madness.:tm: I think Marv Albert’s call was also a factor.


Thanks Marty. (There is a paywall folks.) My 2nd favorite is Valpo sticking the dagger in Ole Miss in ‘98.

I’d not really call that a “paywall” that was more like a “Pay Curtain” which was very easy with a little bit of Copy and paste to spread those curtains and read the whole article. It was too slow at the beginning to be effective. That was more of a half-donkeyed attempt at a paywall.

Thanks Marty & silverlakehog (sp) ?) And just a PRICELESS post. It was kind of a warm day in My new house in Van Buren, Ar. and IMO justice was served because we had out played Louisville and deserved that W.

Almost made me cry as I was running around the yard yelling and screaming. Then the car horns started to honk all around the neighborhood. Never forget that day!!

That horrible coast to to coast by Edney.

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