All 3 ex-Hogs make NBA playoffs

Best time of the year for me as far as basketball is here. NBA playoffs.

Patrick Beverley and Houston Rockets are #3 seed in the East and go against OKC and Westbrook, Beverley’s defense on Westbrook will be one of the talking points of that series. Of course matchup between MVP front runners Westbrook and Harden is the most anticipated matchup. Both guys have been posting triple doubles regularly with Westbrook breaking Oscar Robertson’s record that seemed unapproachable.

Joe Johnson and Utah Jazz are #5 seed in the West and go against LA Clippers. A step slower but Joe seems to have rest of the game in good shape.

Bobby Portis and Bulls are #8 seed in the East and go against the Celtics. Portis has become part of the regular rotation and is getting 20 to 25 minutes per game. Curious what he gets in the playoffs.

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Think Houston beats OKC in 5, unfortunately. Maybe 6. Don’t know that OKC can hang with the Rockets’ offense. Westbrook has largely had his way with Beverley head-to-head, but Beverley did do a nice job late in one of their games this year and can get under Westbrook’s skin with their past and just the way he plays. Will be interesting to see what kind of lineups both teams throw out there.

Super interested in the LA-Utah series. I kinda lean toward the Clippers, but I really like Utah. Gobert is a monster. George Hill will make CP3 work. I think Johnson guarded Blake Griffin late in one of their meetings this year and did a decent job.

I may be way off base, but I actually think Chicago-Boston could be kinda interesting. Boston is probably the third or fourth-best team in the East, in my mind, if everyone is locked in. I’d definitely take Cleveland and a healthy Toronto over them, maybe Washington, too (sorry, Dudley). Chicago has been brutal to watch but playoff Butler and Wade is interesting. Could see this being a closely contested series.

I love the NBA in general, but the playoffs are awesome. Can’t wait for Saturday.

I think Dudley will be okay at the end, but if Wade is truly healthy, Boston-Chicago could be very close.

I’m really looking forward to OKC-HOU, LAC-Utah and TOR-MIL. GS-POR might be entertaining. SA-MEM will be a war. The West first rounds are all pretty decent. CLE-IND will be interesting to watch, because playoff PG13 is great and Lance has given them a boost. Cavs can’t sleepwalk.

Hard to see anyone beating Golden State, barring injury, but pumped nonetheless.