All 13 nonconference opponents are known

Arkansas will play Valpo in North Little Rock and host Northern Kentucky next season.

The Big Center from WK, in the NBA?

Charles Bassey is back at Western Kentucky for his sophomore year.

I think I saw the schedule for the non conference basketball games but can’t find it on the board. If I remember correctly there’s a game in December at Western Kentucky. If so, I don’t live that far from Bowling Green (which is in the middle of the state not in western ky). I would be interested in buying tickets but can’t find the game on WKUs ticket website or Ticketmaster.

Is it too early. I might call WKUs ticket office tomorrow but I wanted to confirm the date and venue

The link at the top of this thread has the nonconference schedule and known dates in it. Arkansas’ game at Western Kentucky is on Saturday, Dec. 7.

The nonconference schedule is now set after Northern Kentucky released its schedule Thursday:

According to Auburn’s schedule, which is apparently posted inside its football facilities, Arkansas will host the Tigers on Feb. 4.