Alexis Tolefree in WNBA Draft

Arkansas guard Alexis Tolefree is listed as the 22nd-best available player and No. 7 point guard in Friday’s WNBA Draft, according to ESPN. Thought that was really cool.

Projected as the 4th highest pick from the SEC…

Nice! :sunglasses:

Wish her the very best for her future. GHG!

I hope she gets drafted! She made a huge improvement this season.

Absolutely loved watching her play! Her shot is almost as pretty as Joe’s.

CHOOT IT Tolefree!!! Loved watching her play this year.

What time is the draft? Any TV? Thanks! You have to love Tolefree.GHG!

6 p.m. Central on ESPN

Doesn’t look like she was picked.

WNBA has 3rds of 12 picks each.

Here is Seth’s story from tonight:

What held her back?

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