Alex Perlman's replacement

This could go on any board, but I decided to put it here on the baseball board because he’ll call more games in that sport than any other. Brett Dolan, a longtime sportscaster in Houston, has been hired to be the Razorbacks’ primary TV voice. Here’s more: … roadcasts/

From what I see/hear on these clips, I think we’re going to like him.



Good find, Dave. I’ll add that to the story.

He sounds like he’ll do a good job. Thanks, Matt and Dave for the info.

I know I’m out of the loop here, but was Alex let go, or did he leave to pursue other things? I always thought he did a good job as well.

He was told in April that his contract would not be renewed.

I heard some of Dolan’s work with the Astros. I thought the name looked familiar but didn’t dream that we’d hired the same guy. He’s good.

yeah he’s fine just anybody but dork pearlman!!