Alex likely to see more action in tonight's Seahawk game

…despite yet another fumble late in last weekend’s game versus the Packers… … -and-more/

Zero carries.

Yeah, I know . . . lol . . . oh well . . .

I heard them say that Alex had migraine headache issues.

Seems like he had some migraine problems when he was in college. I hope the Seahawks are patient, but if they let him go after the season I think he will catch on with some body else. He’s got the skill level to play in the NFL, just needs to keep working.

I think he had a costly fumble at the end of his freshman year either against LSU or Missouri, and he overcame that bump in the road. I hope he is that resilient again.

The LSU fumble was inside the 5 yard line late in the 4th quarter, that Mizzou fumble in the 4th quarter was iffy at best, but we got hosed by the refs all the way around that day. Yes he overcame the fumbling in college, but it a different transition to the pros where guys are very skilled at hitting the ball and pulling the ball out. etc.

Knile Davis is still struggling with the issue at that level.