Alex Collins and Irish dance

Great segment on Alex Collins and his use of Irish dance on CBS News tonite.

Saw that. What a great kid!

A side note to this he use to make fun in a good way of his HS coach’s daughter Bryanne competing in Irish Dance. He didn’t think it was that difficult until he tried it. She has traveled the nation including Little Rock to compete in events and is very successful. He obviously respects her and Irish dance now. … d=43902626

Alex Collins, I wish him the best of luck.

HE came in and wanted to be a Razorback!

Where are those type guys now?

We have no electric type guys on the field now. Maybe some young ones.

Wish we had about 5 AC type players on each side of the ball. Difference makers.

We had some but starting last spring they have just been going down like flies.

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